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  • Why AAM

    I Am AAM

    Power Through Our People

    The POWER of AAM starts with our people. We are committed to recruiting and retaining the sharpest, most creative minds in the industry, and providing them with a resource-rich environment that encourages and emPOWERs them to translate their ideas into game-changing reality. Together, our team works hard to deliver the POWER that moves the world. Read on to learn more about what POWERs our associates.

    I appreciate working with skilled colleagues, and to have the possibility to develop great products. Furthermore, I enjoy working in an international environment.



    Even though there are still meetings and paperwork, in the end, I get to point to cars and trucks out on the road and say that I worked on that!



    I enjoy working at AAM because we work as a team. I'm motivated by the challenge of working in manufacturing, and I feel part of the AAM family.



    I enjoy working at AAM because the variety of my tasks, and working with wonderful colleagues, is a wonderful symbiosis.



    I like the physical and mental challenges on a daily basis. It keeps you going. Time flies!


    United States

    I absolutely love what I do. Every single day, I have the opportunity to bring AAM's brand to life alongside a fun, creative, smart and innovative global team. Delivering POWER isn't just a tagline. We live it, breathe it and celebrate it. 



    I am proud to be a member of AAM, it's a unique experience that I've never had before. What I have learned here makes me more confident. The continuous support from management keeps me moving forward. We are the best team - we work together across functions with multiple customers. This strong team can always make things happen.



    Working at AAM allows me to work within a great team and lots of goal oriented colleagues so we can learn about new topics and achieve common goals.



    Good teams make people progress, and I’m proud to be part of it.



    In my plant, we work as a team. If I can help you "win", I "win" too! I've never worked with more intelligent people - I have to run to keep up! With the hours we've spent together, a lot of my coworkers are like family.


    United States

    The constant "drive" to find technologically advanced design solutions here at AAM and to be the best in the auto industry for lightweight and power dense products not only motivates me, but also inspires everyone from the new talent to the experienced professionals around me. I also take pride in being part of the #IAmAAM family, especially when we pour our hearts out throughout the year to various causes and communities around us here in the USA, and near our global locations are the globe.