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  • Metal Forming starts here

    Metal Forming

    Mass optimization, improved part performance, quality and efficiency


    AAM’s Metal Forming business unit represents the largest automotive forging enterprise in the world. We provide engine, transmission, driveline and safety-critical components for light vehicles, commercial vehicles and off-highway vehicles as well as products for a number of industrial markets. The size and scale of our Metal Forming business unit, coupled with a leading team of experts in the industry, allows us to make long-term investments in cutting-edge forging and machining process technologies centered around manufacturing lightweight and power-dense products.

    Our processes and capabilities include:
    • Hot forging
    • Warm forging
    • Cold forging
    • Machining
    • Heat treatment
    • Sub-assembly
    Our metal formed products portfolio (many with net shape teeth and other net shape features) includes:
    • Axle shafts
    • Ring gears
    • Stem pinions
    • Differential gears
    • Differential assemblies
    • Transmission shafts, hubs and gears
    • CVT components with net parking teeth
    • PTU shafts and gears
    • Driveshaft and propeller shaft yokes and trunnions
    • Stub shafts
    • Relay rods
    • Tie rod sockets
    • Suspension components including ball sockets and links
    • Wheel hubs and spindles
    • SmartBar electronic stabilizer system


    Metal Forming Product Portfolio