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    Our Technologies

    VecTrac™ - Torque Vectoring Rear-Drive Module

    The POWER to stay the course


    VecTrac™ is a unique technology that consists of an RDM that provides AWD function in a front wheel drive architecture. The RDM takes power from the driveline’s propshaft and independently controls how much power is sent to each rear wheel. The system offers several advantages over a conventional AWD system with an open differential RDM. It not only provides the tractive efforts of AWD when the front wheels start to slip, it also provides continuous traction when either of the rear wheels slip.

    Features & Benefits
    • AAM-designed rear drive module with integrated dual clutches
    • AAM-developed device and vehicle controls
    • AAM-designed brushless motor, valves and control module
    • Torque vectoring
    • Improved vehicle handling
    • Improved fuel economy when coupled with EcoTrac® disconnecting PTU